„Shut Up Your Mouth, Obama”


A video in which an Egyptian woman accuses President Barack Obama of interfering in Egypt’s business, calling the United States president a „donkey” and exclaiming multiple times, „Shut up your mouth, Obama”, has gone viral in the Middle East, inspiring a remix, Photoshopped spoofs and even T-shirts. In the video which appears to have been taken during a protest, the unidentified woman wearing a turquoise-colored hijab speaks both in English and Arabic. „I’d like to convey the following message to Obama. Listen, Obama. We are Egyptian women. You are listen, Obama? Shut up your mouth, Obama. Shut up your mouth, Obama!”, she says in the video.

„Our message to you, you donkey: No matter what you do, we will not restore the ousted president [Mohammed Morsi]”, she said according to a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). „Al-Sisi, yes. Al-Sisi, yes. Morsi, no. Morsi, no”, the woman chanted, referring to Egyptian Defense Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who played a key role in deposing Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated President Mohammed Morsi last summer.

The audio of the woman has been remixed into a techno musical version posted on YouTube with the hilarious slug „Shut up your mouse, Obama”, ”the alteration of the word „mouth” likely attributable to her mispronunciation of the sound „th,” as is often heard among non-native English speakers. The various versions of the video of the woman and the remix have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social media. Egyptians have repeatedly accused the United States of intervening in Egyptian affairs, more notably after the ouster of Morsi which prompted an Obama administration decision to withhold some of the annual United States military aid to Egypt. When Secretary of State John Kerry visited Cairo in November 2013, he said the suspension of some of the $1.3 billion annual military aid was „not a punishment”. Under United States law, aid is prohibited to countries that have undergone a military coup. Here’s an audio remix that was posted on YouTube:

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