«Europa, ultima redută»


Europe Last StandCu doar trei secole și jumătate în urmă, islamul se afla la porțile Vienei. Pe atunci scopul invadatorilor musulmani era să cucerească lumea pentru a înființa un califat prin care poporul să fie condus sub legea islamică Sharia.

Acum are loc o nouă invazie musulmană, iar unii spun că această nouă invazie se va încheia prin transformarea Europei într-un imperiu Islamic, Europa va deveni Eurabia.

Munmmar Gaddafi: „Sunt semne că Allah va încuviința victoria Islamului în Europa fără săbii, fără arme, fără cuceriri. Cei 50 de milioane de musulmani din Europa vor transforma Europa într-un continent musulman în câteva decenii”.

Imamul Abu Imran: „Noi credem că Islamul va domina lumea. Pare amuzant, dar așa va fi!”
Imamul Abu Hamza al-Misri: „Dacă un non-musulman trece și tu îl prinzi, e prada ta, îl poți vinde pe piața deschisă”

Imamul Anwar al-Awlaki: „Proprietatea din mâinile necredincioșilor nu e a lor de drept, conform Sharia, din cauza necredinței lor”
Imamul Choudary: „Implementarea legii Sharia începe cu o moschee!!! Moscheea trebuie să aibă propriile legi, principii și decrete”

Coran, 48:20 – „Alah ți-a promis abundență și o vei obține. El ți-a garantat această victorie!”

Astăzi, în Europa occidentală, există locuri în care nici poliția nu intră și unde legea Sharia este suverană. Cum e posibil așa ceva și care sunt aceste teritorii?!?…

De producţie americană şi realizat pe durata a 4 ani, cu documentări aprofundate în ţările europene şi cu mărturii cutremurătoare ale agenţilor FB1, filmul dcumentar «Europa, last stand – American’s final warning» îşi propune să atragă atenţia asupra întrebării: va reuşi Islamul să cucerească Europa?

Bătrânul continent se află la răscruce: criză imigranţilor a tensionat relaţiile dintre statele Europei, situaţia în care s-a ajuns fiind considerată cea mai gravă de la terminarea celui de-Al Doilea Război Mondial.

Care sunt mecanismele care au declanşat această situaţie, cât de departe s-a ajuns şi care sunt slăbiciunile liderilor europeni, acestea sunt alte întrebări principale ale filmului. Documentarul vorbeşte fără prejudecăţi, despre terorism şi victimele acestuia, despre inadaptabilitatea musulmanilor la viața europenană şi consecinţele dramatice ale acesteia.

Cei care urmăresc producția vor putea afla, poate cu mare surprindere, că există numeroase teritoriile în Europa în care europenii nu au voie să între, dar vor descoperi şi cum sunt aduşi la tăcere criticii islamului.

«Europa, ultima redută», este un film documentar de excepţie, cu o temă foarte actuală despre viitorul tău şi al copiilor tăi.

«Europe’s Last Stand: America’s Final Warning» documents Islamists’ plans for domination over first Western Europe and then America.

The idea for Mawyer’s documentary came from former FBI agents who caught his attention. Mawyer said they were discussing how they believe Western Europe could fall to radical Islam within the next 10 to 20 years.

“I got caught up listening to their conversation as they spoke about the mass flow of immigrant Muslims into Europe, the presence of Islamic ‘no-go zones,’ weak political leaders and the silencing of Islamic critics”, Mawyer explained.

He said that to believe Muslims could dominate Western Europe in just 10 to 20 years didn’t seem plausible.

“After a few months of delving into the predicted demise of Western Europe, it seemed the only way to get at the truth was to travel to Europe and investigate the story first hand”, Mawyer added.

After his research, Mawyer concluded radical Islam can and will take over Europe and the United States within the next 20 years unless it is stopped.

“Radical Islam has thrown off the sheepskin and is rampaging throughout the world like a pack of ravenous wolves, devouring everything in sight”, said Mawyer.

During Mawyers travels he spoke with Sen. Philippe DeWinter, a member of the Belgium Parliament.

Mawyer said DeWinter warned him, “What’s happening now to Europe will happen to America, too. It’s only a question of time. If Europe disappears, if Europe becomes a Muslim continent, that means the United States stands completely alone. Europe is in danger. That means we all have to fight back”.

Mawyer also caught up with Senator Enrico Pianetta from Italy on whether or not Europe could win the battle against radical Islam without America’s help.

“We cannot lose this battle”, Pianetta stressed to Mawyer. “We can only hope that there is a strong relationship between Europe and the United States of America, because we are facing the greatest challenge ever against the values of the West”.

Europe’s Last Stand demonstrates what Mawyer refers to as “the Five Pillars of Islamic Conquest” – revealing the Islamist strategy to dominate Western Europe.

„In Europe, radical Islam is using five key strategies for its ambitious plan to turn the continent into what some people are calling, Eurabia.

This plan is not something Islamists advertise. Nor is it a plan that has been unearthed from a secret document. Instead, it’s a plan that is only revealed through the careful study and investigation of radical Islam – its movements, its actions, and its leaders – throughout Western Europe.

It took us four years and over a dozen trips to Europe to understand and learn this plan. We traveled from England to Italy, Sweden to Spain, Denmark to Switzerland and all the countries in between. We interviewed over 100 Europeans – from politicians to business leaders, from Imams to Muslim converts, from activists to street folks.

We went into the dens of the Islamic ghettos with our camera crew. We attended massive demonstrations on both sides. We even took a two-day journey to the small island of Lampedusa, which sets off the coast of Sicily, to document the mass migration of illegal Muslims arriving in Europe.

What began as an incredibly complicated jigsaw puzzle that included riots, arrests, Islamic no-go zones, drug wars, Sharia patrols, assassinations and even sex grooming gangs eventually began to take shape and form. And the picture that formed was unmistakable: Radical Islam has an ambitious strategy for conquering Europe.

That plan is presented in our documentary as the Five Pillars of Islamic Conquest: Infiltration. Imams. Isolation. Islamization. Implosion.

I’ll resist the temptation to expound on these Five Pillars here because watching the actual drama of these Pillars unfold in the film is best presented in our documentary.

But to put it in a nutshell, radical Islam uses immigration, refugee and family reunification programs to Infiltrate Europe. As millions of Muslims (both legal and illegal) cross European borders, they are indoctrinated into radical Islam by a brand of hateful Imams who preach Sharia law, dominance and Isolationism.

Once Muslims are isolated into private communities they then begin to expand outwards to Islamize non-Europeans by demanding that even non-Muslims follow Islamic law. And they’ll use any means possible to intimidate Europeans into submission – beatings, robberies, terrorism and a host of other unsavory practices such as rape and murder.

Finally, radical Islam works to Implode European countries by exploiting Europe’s affinity for multi-cultural programs, political correctness and the bashing of patriotism, Christianity and free speech.

Our film is much more than documenting these Five Pillars. In fact, watching how some counter – Jihadists are opposing the Islamic takeover of Europe is perhaps the most intense and thrilling part of the film.

Putting a documentary together of this magnitude was as challenging as anyone could imagine. We could have easily have made this a 10-hour film – devoting two hours to each Pillar. But we weren’t looking to produce the longest documentary film in history so we cut, sliced and carved it down to three hours.

Then we showed it in Rome. Though only a few people commented on the length of the film, all of us knew we had to make it shorter for theater viewing. So, for the past couple of weeks we took to the painful task of cutting another 30 minutes out of the film.

That process is now complete and we have sent it off to our distributor for their final input and comments. Hopefully, prayerfully the film will be ready for mass distribution in just a few weeks.

There has been great interest in this film for quite some time, with many hoping that it would have been completed a couple years ago. But the difficulty of completing a film of this nature – from start to finish – has been met with both expected and unexpected hurdles and difficulties.

What you will see is the most comprehensive, shocking and tense film ever to be made on the rise of Islam in Europe and its threat to cross the shores into America” – Martin Mawyer.

Martin Mawyer is the Founder and President of Christian Action Network, a non-profit public advocacy and education group based in Lynchburg, Virginia. He began his career as a freelance journalist and has authored several books, including «Silent Shame», «The Pro-Family Contract With America», «Pathways to Success», and his most recent, «Twilight in America: The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Inside America».

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