„Thesis of Dresden”


Legida GermaniaUnited for Germany!

PEGIDA considers itself as a polical movement, free of any ideology, which picks up polical and social problems of our time, in an atempt to create and implement solutions, together with its community members.

Due to a failed economic policy, the working – and middle class are continuously sinking into poverty. Wages and pentions are stagnating in ever decreasing proportions against raising living expenses. Instead of activating funds for highly required projects, horrendous amounts of money is beeing wasted. Increasing crime rates, social combustion points and the ever growing paralell ethnic societies are alarming the people. The safety risk is further growing and the global conflicts are intensifying based on irresponsable domestic – and foreign policys. A peaceful cooperation of sovereign nations worldwide must be the basis of a safe future for all of us. Therefore we are standing for following points:

  1. Protection, preservation and respectful handling of our culture and native language. Political and religious fanaticism, radicalism, the islamization, „Genderisierung” and premature sexual education in school must be stopped. Preservation of sexual self-determination.
  2. Creation and strict implementation of an immigration law based on demographic, economical and cultural aspects. Qualitative immigration (instead of currently established quantitative mass immigration) based on the example of Switzerland and Canada.
  3. Local accomodation of war refugees and people of political and religious persecution, based on the communal possibilities and social predictions of the applicant. Shortened process time of asylum requests and immediate deportation of declined asylum applicants. Establishment of a constitutional law based on the human right of integration with a simultaneous obligation of integration.
  4. Reformation of the family-, eduational-, retirement, pension- and tax policy. Particular promotion of a strong and sustainable family policy must receive highest priority, in order to achieve a stop and even reverse the effects of demographic changes. An individuals decision for children may not be affected by economical fears.
  5. Introduction of referendum on federal level, based on the example of Switzerland, in order to install an additional foundation of direct democracy.
  6. 6. Consistent appliance of law, free of any consideration of political, ethnical, cultural or religious aspects of the affected.
  7. Increased financing of police forces and an immediate stop of staff reduction in law enforcement agencys.
  8. Instant normalisation of the policital relation to the Russian Federation with ending of any warmongering.
  9. The aspire of a peaceful, european bond of strong sovereign national states and economic self-determination.
  10. Refusal of TIPP, CETA and TISA and similar free trade agreements, which bears the risk of sustained impairment of the european economy.


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