Recently me and my wife went to Paris for the weekend. We will never make such mistakes!


Recently me and my wife went to Paris for the weekend. We weren’t there for more than 10 years. Another reason was the extremely low cost of Air France tickets. Return ticket per person costs only CZK 2500, including fees, and this should have alerted us but, unfortunately, we didn’t suspect anything.

The flight to Paris went well, and at the airport, we took a train towards the city center. After arriving at North station we experienced the first shock. It’s a mess everywhere, chaos, but most importantly – just absolutely not a single white Frenchman. The same thing was near the sacré-Coeur Basilica, where we clearly lightly settled… We sat down the metro and went to the main attractions. During a trip by subway from Grand Etoile to the Louvre, we suddenly realized that we were the only whites. It was Friday, 2 p.m. The entrance to the Louvre Museum is completely deserted, but heavily armed patrols are everywhere – soldiers with trigger fingers. Soon we found out from our friends that there was a public emergency in Paris. For almost a year…

We had lunch with friends close to the Grand boulevards and we noticed one thing: there are mainly migrants on the street. By the way, most stores in the area are formed by immigrants. In the evening we went to the Eiffel tower, and again – no tourists. Only more security measures. All visitors are checked, except Muslim women wrapped from head to toe in burqas – probably it is the equality of French. But the neighborhood and the adjacent of Trokadero is hell: a lot of weird African sellers of Souvenirs, Arabic swindlers, beggars from Africa and Romania, pickpockets. The police are clearly a blind eye to petty street crimes. And that how it goes next to all famous sights. But in the evening immigrants have raped one young Frenchwoman near the Eiffel tower. Naturally, the news mentioned it only in passing. Perhaps this is a normal occurrence in the framework of the cultural enrichment…

The next morning we called some friends and suggested a picnic in the center, as we did it early in student days. But they replied that it`s better to meet in a restaurant because a picnic can be very dangerous. We didn’t get it, but agreed and went to the Bastille. And again we saw around the mess, dirt and, most importantly, migrants everywhere. The highlight of the evening was the visit to a small bistro near our hotel, where we wanted to have a glass of wine. But the sombre, bearded „French” from somewhere in Algeria angrily told us that in his country he will not sell alcohol, and even swore to address the damned „Christians”. Therefore, we chose to leave and go to the hotel. It was only Saturday, but we already waited for Sunday to left for home. All this is not France – its Muslim Africa, and we are just sure it’s not the best place to spend a weekend.

Nowadays weekend in Paris is a truly awful experience, I speculate on what is happening in Calais or Marseilles, where immigrants have de facto seized the cities and now control them. France will face either dictatorship or civil war, but what a pleasant country it was. I therefore recommend to abandon the visit to Paris. Goodbye, sweet France! We will do everything in our power to  prevent Czech Republic being like this.

Source: / Author: Martin Kohout



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