Senior EU Minister: Countries refusing to „Open the Door” to Muslim Migrants Will „Destroy Europe”…


Countries which „do not want to open the door” to Muslim migrants and try to „protect Christianity” could „destroy Europe”, said the EU’s longest-serving foreign minister.
Veteran europhile Jean Asselborn, who has been in his post since 2004, made the remarks in an interview with the German-language «Tiroler Tageszeitung» newspaper, which is published in Austria.
Asked for his thoughts on Central European countries fighting the EU’s attempts to impose compulsory migrant quotas across the bloc, the 68-year-old declared that „countries that do not want to open the door to refugees from the south, who speak Arabic and are Muslim, ignore the values… the EU actually represents”.
A former deputy prime minister to current President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in his native Luxembourg, Asselborn insisted the EU is „a project based on values”, and that failing to bring Hungary, Poland, and other member-states which do not want to accept migrant quotas to heel is „something that can destroy Europe”.
Asked for his thoughts on the success of populist, anti-mass migration parties in the Czech Republic, Austria, and even Germany to a lesser extent, Asselborn said that „If there are more traditional right-wing parties in Europe, that’s not a problem, nor if it’s more social democratic leftist.
But if someone is concerned with protecting Christianity against Islam and therefore closing the borders and not letting anybody else in… You should just call it extremism. And those who believe in Europe… must fight it”.

Viktor Orban: „Our greatest threat is the indifferent silence of a European elite who are renouncing their Christian roots”

The leader of the anti-mass migration parties in Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, is in a stark contrast with Asselborn.
Speaking at a conference on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, the conservative prime minister warned that „the greatest danger threatening [Europe] today is the indifferent silence of the European elite who are renouncing their Christian roots, despite the fact that the fate of Middle Eastern Christians should wake Europe up to the fact that, no matter how unbelievable it may still seem, what happened there could also happen to us”.
Orbán said that a „group of Europe’s intellectual and political leaders want to create a mixed society that would completely change the continent’s cultural and ethnic identity, and Christian nature, within just a few generations”, who are the real threat.
„To us, Europe is a Christian continent and we would like to keep it that way, and although we may not be able to preserve all of it, we would at least like to save the little slice of it that the Good Lord entrusted to the Hungarians”
„The world must understand that what is at stake today is nothing less than the future of the European way of life and our own identity” – Viktor Orbán

Jean Asselborn: „This could destroy Europe”

„Countries that do not want to open the door to refugees, who speak Arabic and are Muslim, ignore the values of solidarity and responsibility.
And that does not match what the EU actually represents. It is a peace project, a project based on values. It is not contracts that hold Europe together.
These are the common values. And it is the values that prevent wars. 2015 was not only about the Geneva Convention, but also about solidarity with Italy and Greece”.
„Refusing to relieve those countries is something that can destroy Europe. Because non-solidarity in the refugee question also means non-solidarity in other issues”.
„The governments of Poland, Hungary and maybe the Czech Republic, in the future, could create a bloc inside the Council which will oppose and create a convergence in opposing some EU policies, for example, immigration.
It’s a clear possibility, and it’s a sign that European people are switching to the so-called eurosceptic parties because they are proposing that are creating response to the three major crisis that European people are living – the economic crisis, the immigration crisis and the internal security crisis.
To me, that is the main reason why people are voting for and giving support to eurosceptics”



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