The king exiled for wanting peace with Germany


On May 28, 1972, the Duke of Windsor (1894 – 1972) passed away. King Edward VIII, before and after his forced abdication, was a great friend of Adolf Hitler and an admirer of the Third Reich. His renunciation of the throne led to Queen Elizabeth II becoming Queen of England. During her reign, the now-bankrupt Britain went from a world empire to a multi-racial Bronx or Queens District of New York.
Before being forced to abdicate the best informed of the royals was quoted as saying that “war would be a disaster for Britain.”
“In June 1940, Don Javier Bermejillo, a Spanish diplomat and old friend of Windsor (King Edward VIII), who had known him since the 1920s, reported a conversation he had with the Duke to his superiors,” Dr. Karina Urbach said. “He wants peace at any price,” wrote Dr. Urbach.
The soon to be crowned king empathised with ordinary people, he sympathised with their plight, and was strongly in favour or social reform and justice for the ordinary people. Britain’s king and emperor could be described as ‘The National Socialist King’. In fact, he was known as ‘the Peoples King’.
At the time, such sentiment was regarded as ‘revolutionary’. He was doomed from the moment he said those fateful words, “there will be no war with Germany as long as I am king.”
The diplomat says he had heard the embittered duke blame ‘the Jews, the Red and the Foreign Office” for the approaching war long before it began.
Critics claim that that King Edward VIII suggested that the Reich bomb England to enforce peace, which is implausible. In the highly unlikely event the popular monarch would suggest such a thing it is unlikely he would make such a damning quotable statement. The deposed monarch hotly denied saying any such a thing. Aware of the lies told by Britain’s war lobby reasonable people accept his denial.
“Windsor wanted to put politicians, including Anthony Eden, up against the wall, says Dr. Urbach.
Before the King renounced the throne, and just a month after Hitler forced France to remove its occupation troops from the Rhineland in March 1936, Windsor sent Hitler a telegram wishing him ‘happiness and welfare’ for his 47th birthday.
Churchill told Eisenhower that the Duke of Windsor had been appointed the governor of the Bahamas in 1940, in order “to get him away from Europe beyond the reach of the enemy.”
In 1940, most of Britain’s royalty and governing elite were preparing to abandon Britain. The Duke of Windsor (King Edward VIII) was appointed Governor of the Bahamas from where he was unable to maintain contact with the German Reich. His going to the Bahamas was very much against the wishes of the exiled king.
In 1940, the Bank of England’s gold reserves were shipped to Ottawa. Minister of Information Alfred Duff Cooper sent his son Julius to Canada but failed to inform anyone.
Wealthy parents who could afford to do so shipped their families out to America or the Commonwealth. Royal Navy ships were placed on standby to evacuate members of the Royal Family and key members of the government to the United States.
‘In June, July and August of 1940, over 6,000 children took part in the exodus of the rich.’ ~ The Fears that Flawed the Finest Hour, P. Addison, Sunday Times Magazine, May 21, 1972.
Phillip Knightley, the noted author, expressed the view that ‘The working class began to feel, with some justification, that the rich had plans to get out whilst the going was good.’

Source: Europeans Word Wide

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