„Soros embodies the ugly side of capitalism”


„Soros has a big network. He finances many NGOs. The EU also finances several Soros organizations. These NGOs are involved in political life and that is fine too.

Politically, however, Soros must understand two points as well as everyone who lives in Hungary. First, we want transparency. Like every country, we want to know who these people are and where the money comes from. Second, there is a limit to national security. Migration is a national security issue.

We had peaceful discussions with Soros to the point where his organizations started to fund the migrants, encouraging them to illegally cross the Hungarian border. This is not acceptable in Hungary. We have created laws according to which such behavior endangers national security. Our conflict is: He wants to get the migrants to Hungary and Europe and I will not let that happen.

Incidentally, I am surprised by the international press, which writes that it is leaving Hungary. Apparently they know Soros very badly. He does not leave any country. He stays. All over. You will see that lessons at his university in Budapest will continue and they will hand over diplomas there. I know Soros. He is not a man who just leaves Budapest like that.

Soros György is a talented and dangerous man: he is the speculator who makes money so that others go to ruin. He even speculates with the currency of a country, so that a country is ruined and millions of people lose their savings. He embodies the ugly side of capitalism. We do not want that in Hungary. But I am deeply convinced that the market economy is good when combined with social responsibility. In Hungary, in economic terms, we strive for social added value for all in all areas. For the employees, for employers and for the state”.

Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, in a interview for the Austrian paper «Österreich»

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