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Rarely was a nation more blessed by geographical location than Romania, which stands as the crossroads of Europe? With its temperate climate irrigated by the River Danube and other great rivers, Romania could and should be A Promised Land.

With a population of 20 million, it is the EU 7th most populated member nation. The Romanians are ethnic-European and as intellectually gifted as any of Europe’s brightest peoples, and much brighter than some.

The country’s name in Latin is Romanus and literally means ‘Citizens of Rome’. Human remains date back 40,000 years making this Garden of Eden the womb of Europe. Romania has been the firmly closed gate to Christian Ethnic-Europe for two millennia.

What could possibly go wrong apart from Communism being foisted on Romania in February 1945 (Yalta Conference) by the unelected warlord Winston Churchill and US President Franklin D. Roosevelt?

After 45 years being sucked dry by Washington DC’s sponsored the Soviet Union, Romania in 2007 became a member of the European Union. Yes, the same quasi-communist bloc whose president is the unelected tax avoiding Claude Juncker who recently paid tribute to Karl Marx.

After 12 years of Brussels / Berlin occupation, it is interesting to see what happens to a Garden of Eden nation once it becomes a member of the European Union. Ukraine take note. 

Romania is the most religious country in the European Union having more churches per capita than any other member state.  In living standards this once fair land is also the most backward European country. 45% of Romanians have no WC in the house. Romanians only have half the buying power  of its EU peers but they spend their free time in malls and hypermarkets and new malls and hypermarkets, despite the crisis.

Romania is the only regime that keeps its people completely disarmed but it is Europe’s most corrupt country. No less than 40% of the European Union’s €15 billion earmarked each year for Romania’s public services are stolen.

Romania is among the few countries where prostitution is completely outlawed but because of endemic poverty and lack of opportunity it is the largest exporter of prostitutes in the European Union.  Romania is the only country where 50% of families say they have no employed member, and 25 % of families have just one employed member of their household.

Romania is among the countries with the most university graduates in the world, but it is the country with only 2 universities in the top 1,000 (986yj and 987th), according to centre for world university rankings in 2015. Romania is the country where schooling is state-funded but it is Europe’s No 1 in Europe in illiterate students. 

Romania is the country with the highest percentage of dissatisfaction expressed in its political elite, which in the European Union is quite an achievement. Welcome to another of the European Union’s failed states. May 23 – 26 2019 vote against candidates whose agenda is Globalist (Bolshevik). 

by Michael Walsh

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