How George Soros buys Europe’s nations


The financial tentacles of the Jewish-American tycoon George Soros are getting longer and harder to trace. However, a French investigator has managed to demonstrate how a large part of the judges that makes up the European Court of Human Rights, also known as the Strasbourg Court, have worked for Soros.

According to data revealed by Valeurs Actuelles journalist Bastien Lejeune , almost all the magistrates of this high European court have been financed by the Open Society Foundations (OSF), one of the magnate’s NGOs into which he has already injected more than 18,000 million of euros. This report also relates the work and considerations of Grégor Puppinck, CEO of the European Centre for Law and Justice.

Grégor Puppinck, director of the European Centre for Law and Justice, says that many of the judges on the ECHR are directly linked to Soro’s Open Society Foundation.

The conclusions of the investigation are clear and forceful. And they add to the many complaints from other experts and researchers, such as university professor Juan Antonio de Castro or Italian journalist Francesca Totolo, who highlights how Soros has ended civil society and influenced the internal processes of the countries through from your NGO Open Society Foundations. According to Bastien’s research, the career of the Strasbourg Court judges has passed through the hands of Soros.

‘Between 2009 and 2019, seven NGOs, all linked to the Open Society, sent some of their collaborators to the Court to become permanent judges there. Among the 100 judges who sat during this period, 22 have a direct link with one of these NGOs, ‘either as a leader, beneficiary of its funding or as an important and regular participant in its activities,’ the investigation detailed. Now, in the opinion of Bastien and Castro, there are quite a few more magistrates related to Soros.

‘He has become a master in the art of disorganising the world under the guise of philanthropy,’ says the researcher in reference to the magnate. A consideration shared by those who have most-followed Soros’s path through the Open Society Foundations. 

As detailed in the investigation published in the Valeurs Actuelles, the alarms went off when Grégor Puppinck heard the expression ‘Soros judges’ within the walls of the Tribunal. 

Judge Lech Garlicki adjudicated cases of organizations while participating in programs run by his organizations.

Many of the magistrates have been funded by the OSF throughout their professional careers. One such example is András Sajó, a judge at the Strasbourg Court, one of the founders of the George Soros Central European University who has been linked to the Open Society Foundations since 1988, the research details.

Puppink was alert. ‘I was told that there were one or two Soros judges in court, the study details. But he did not give it importance because it seemed something lasting.

However, the thousands of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights increasingly lean ideologically towards Soros’ positions. Something that Puppink himself realised after the conclusions of the investigation, seems to have acquired an explanation.

The university professor and former worker of the United Nations Organization, Juan Antonio de Castro, already suspected it, as he explained.

In his book Soros, breaking Spain, he details how the magnate’s OSF has financed various NGOs that work in the Mediterranean rescuing immigrants, as well as several institutes and organisations that have been in charge of promoting independence ideals in Catalonia. Associations that had an important economic connection with the Madrid government, which was in charge of granting several public millions.

Many of the resolutions of the European Court of Human Rights has failed according to the ideology promoted by Soros.  Austria, Greece and Italy are forced by the court to legalise same-sex unions; Poland is urged to promote the right to abortion; France is obliged to authorise the change of sex on paper; Hungary is forced to abolish life imprisonment. They detail resolutions that have contributed to generating instability in these European countries. 

The real conclusion is that Soros dictates his law in Europe through the European Court of Human Rights at the hands of judges who have been trained and funded by the Open Society Foundation. 

It is an investigative work that has generated a stir in France. Many have already raised their voices against what they consider to be Soros interference in national affairs. One of them has been former MEP Philippe de Villiers, has already made it clear that Soros driven by a globalist (Bolshevik) agenda is a danger to sovereignty. ’George Soros is more powerful than Emmanuel Macron,’ he said after learning of the investigation that concluded that Soros also controls the European Court of Human Rights.



  1. George Soros is known to be involved in pretty much any revolution or coup d*etat around the world as well as heavily influencing politics. He also is leading a war of symbols, namely flags and banners either resurrected or conjured up by his myriad non-profit groups, to stir religious, racial, and ethnic tensions the world over. He has spent billions in the EU to undermine the nation state. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation has far more influence on elections across the Europe and the US, to promote a globalist agenda of open borders, free trade and liberal democratic values. I have followed Soros ever since I heard about his poppy drug business in Afghanistan after 9/11. I have been looking for statistics on how many countries he and his NWO where they have sponsored revolutions. Between his color revolutions, his other revolutions, and his manipulation of the economies, he has broken the banks in many countries and he was in Africa, Italy, Greece, Germany, France, England, US, Middle East and infinite number of other countries… like Philippines, Macedonia, Georgia, Chechnya, Kosovo. George Soros has organizations all over the world and he uses them as ”humanitarian groups”, but his NGOs are the opposite. With all his grants he receives from countries, he is sponsoring government activities, ie revolutions. He caused their destruction, then banks on their rebuilding, and he ends up making fortunes. I know Russia was the first country to expose him. And since then, there has been a global war against the ”wicked” Putin and evil Russia…
    But nobody freeze him his finances, nobody investigate him his connections, nobody charge him with multiple crimes, and use him his money to pay the millions of victims. The ultimate target of George Soros is to achieve the total servitude toward the Empire. But in my opinion, the biggest win for the Empire in the last decades was to get two relative major orthodox countries like Romania and Serbia-Montenegro (plus Bulgaria) into their barracks, and turning them against the bigger orthodox brother, Russia at the very moment when Russia has rediscovered her orthodox main and deep roots. By obtaining this split between the brothers in faith, has succeeded to split the spirituality of those countries, related to Russia. By negating the truth in history and by falsifying it, they want to loose the identity of the people. Unfortunately yes, brainwash and soul-wash.


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