Lady Renouf addressed the Tehran International Conference reviewing the Holocaust


Robert Faurisson - Lady Michle RenoufOn December 12th 2006 Lady Renouf addressed the Tehran International Conference reviewing the Holocaust. This is the text of her speech on that occasion:

Dear colleagues, dear Iranian comrades,

I am deeply grateful for this invitation from the IPIS [Institute for Political and International Studies] to take part in these historic two days we share. Those glorious, truth-expressing days remind me of a famous scene in Shakespeare’s play King Henry V (Act 4, Scene 3), where this medieval nobleman tells his modest band of comrades that those who are not here to stand firm with him shall one day come to regret with shame and sorrow their cowardice:

… He which hath no stomach for this fight
Let him depart…
That fears his fellowship to die with us.
This story shall the good man teach his son…
From this day to the ending of the world
But we in it shall be remembered;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he today that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother…
And gentlemen in England now a’bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here
And hold their manhoods cheap whilst any speaks
That fought with us upon [St Mahmoud’s!] day.

In our era, we have precious few noble statesmen. So I come to Teheran to congratulate the Iranian people who voted Dr Ahmadinejad president. For this valiant statesman seeks to speak the truth, bravely. So do my noble revisionist colleagues whose right to open debate I proudly champion; they do so bravely, no matter if to their personal cost in being demonized, ostracized, or even imprisoned for expressing a rational, source-analytical opinion. Indeed, when President Ahmadinejad called the so-called “Free World” grotesquely hypocritical for its deceit to impose its so-called “democracy” in the Middle East and Iran, he has been fully vindicated – for we, from the so-called “Free World”, are only free to voice our views in peace-loving Iran.

Now I must apologize to my respectable hosts who do not want to include in their programme a critique of Judaism. This session’s topic is “Nazism, Zionism and Holocaust”. I am sorry to say that these topics will get us nowhere, for they are red herrings that throw us off the scent of the truly dangerous quarry which actually prompted the creation of each of them.

I must stress that I speak independently and only in my name, not in that of an association or organisation. I believe that the two great prophets – Christ and Mohammed – saw in Judaism a dangerously misanthropic tendency, and that each held up a mirror to the fundamentally anti-Gentile narcissism in the pious deceit aroused by a Jewish God-Father and Election of Chosen Children.

When I was reading for two years for a Master’s Degree at the Jesuit College of Heythrop (part of the University of London), I saw its College Principal preach to Jewish congregations in Reform Synagogues that the Two Biblical Covenants stand side by side. Thus, in spite of New Testament theology, Jesuits now defer to the first Covenant of the Old Testament (or Torah) between only the Chosen Children and their Jewish God-Father.

Not only theologically, but psychologically speaking the Judaic Old Testament proved disastrous for being based on a bad father-model role. For we know as parents that, in life, a father who favours one of his children above all the others will increase that child’s self-centredness and increase its motivation to sustain this selfish, loveless sense of self-supremacy, whilst in the unfavoured children, a low morale, or sibling rivalry, will result. Both Christ and Mohammed warned mankind of this disaffection. Christ warned us of the “brood of vipers” and begged his Jewish brothers and sisters to reject the anti-Gentile oral teachings which later on became the written Talmud. Mohammed warned of the same “deceivers”, but said that Christians may be trusted.

I am sorry to say that Christianity today has been so corrupted by the secular race supremacy religion of Holocaustianity that many Christians are rendered quite untrustworthy by their collusion with Judaism. Indeed, as Rabbi Friedman exposed in his speech yesterday, Christian leaders, drawn by an enthrallingly plausible Holocaust narrative, began forsaking Christ’s teachings since the 1960s, to revere Auschwitz – the sacrificial burnt offering site of a so-called covenantal bargain for Israel – as The “Holy of Holies”. Thus, theologically, these Christian leaders no longer attest to the New Testament and its Only Son’s anti-vanity Covenant, which was meant to supersede the dangerous election of one “chosen children” above all others. For pointing out in my university essays that this false and treacherous hyphenating of Judaism with Christianity is like wearing a T-shirt saying Jesus loves you, but I am his favourite, and thus completely undermining the humility message from Christ, I was asked to “study elsewhere”!

Now, I do know from the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta orthodox rabbis that there is a difference of approach between Judaism and Zionism; I know this from the interviews their brethren in London gave me for my film documentary trilogy entitled Israel in Flagrante: Caught in acts of Twistspeak.

However, it is my considered view – based on the parallel teaching of Christ and Mohammed – as well as from the Soncino edition of the Jewish law books called the Talmud – that Talmudic laws authorize Jews to deceive non-Jews in their over-riding Jewish race supremacy mission … just as the not less secular motto of the Mossad which is “By Way of Deception”.

Judaism and its followers do have a right to exist. And a safe place on the planet must be found where Jews can follow their beliefs, but without interfering with other cultures and without their “Weapons of Mass Destruction” which, according to the tenets of the Talmud, they do not care to reveal to us. This is typical of the teaching of the Talmud, legal twistspeak, by which the focus of attention is turned away from their secretive behaviour to charge other nations – Iraq for instance – and now Iran, for so much as maybe planning to create defensive Weapons of Mass Destruction. Given Israel’s borderless state intention to claim for itself a “Promised Land” from “the Nile to the Euphrates”, surely its neighbours would be justified in doing so ?

The World now knows that we were lied to when we (the coalition of the duped) went into yet another inter-gentile war (this time with an innocent Iraq) for no one’s benefit other than the usual third party’s. For the true cause and effect facts are as follows:
Organised World Jewry, in its visible form as the State of Israel, does have Weapons of Mass Destruction (curiously since the mid 1940s at a time when it is said European Jewry had mostly perished). Iraq did not have WMD, and Iran does not.

Leading to the creation of the State of Israel (gradually for over a century by “disappearing the indigenous people” and seizing land), the Zionists expelled more than half of the Palestinian population, and they still brutally oppress those who remained. Iran does not oppress its Jewish minority.

Yes, I too, like the Neturei Karta, believe in a peaceful dismantling of the Israeli entity in Palestine. And, of course, one should add, the proper reparations from Israel for its criminal pirating of Palestine – a pirating planned and announced by Theodor Herzl in 1897, when, incidentally, Adolf Hitler was aged eight years old!

Let us get the cause and effect straight: Zionism predated Nazism by half a century. Likewise, Judaism’s anti-gentilism predates so-called anti-semitism.

But, unlike the Neturei Karta rabbis, I do not believe the answer is to re-disperse, among the nations, the Jewish people who are anti-gentile by their own misfortunate religious definition and mission.

This dispersement is unworkable, as their history has shown. For the one question we never hear asked in public discourse is this:
Why has Jewish behaviour throughout the ages – and even well before the arrival of Christianity, as is attested by ancient Roman sources – been met everywhere else eventually with angry pogroms, the best publicized being the expulsion and persecution policy of the 1930s and 1940s across Europe?

This question is not asked because it is considered “anti-semitic” even to draw attention to the fact that World Jewry had openly declared economic warfare on Germany as early as in 1933. So naturally the agents of the “Trojan Horse”, as leading Zionist Chaim Weizmann called the Jews in German-dominated Europe, were (partly) interned in concentration camps after the outbreak of the war. Other “normal wartime activities against enemy agents”, as truthful Jewish observers like Benjamin Freedman put it, were also taken.

I do not want to see any race or species of flora or fauna on our planet to be eliminated. Equally, I do not want my own race eliminated through mass immigration policies, which were curiously undertaken as a global strategy since the establishment of Holocaustianity. The differences in our races and their cultures (as prompted by their authentic placements) are the glory of our planet.

We are being persuaded, through the mispackaging of policy presentations to the public, to diminish the true nature of our races and cultures in this disastrous multi-cultural, multi-racial experiment, which, curiously, is to be implemented everywhere except in Israel and which will lead to our self-destruction. There is no hate in what I am saying, as will be smeared over me, of course, in the usual attempts to discredit any critique of Jewish misanthropic behaviour: “to save [only] a jewish life is to save the world”. I speak no hatred; I speak up for the rescue of the planet and its peoples, as Mother Nature created.

No race, no species, need be killed. Truth alone renders harmful liars impotent. But if we fail to address the whole truth and instead content ourselves, like cowards, with half-truths (of the type “Judaism is good, only Zionism is bad”), Judaism’s chameleon-like ability to dupe the nations into bowing to its supremacy will mean we keep performing inter-gentile wars by proxy, for Judaism’s sake alone, like the First and the Second World War, the War on Iraq (and next on Iran, we are told). That is, war for no benefit to either gentile side, only to the usual third party, the “Trojan horse”, as Dr. Chaim Weizmann put it.

Now, because of the big lie about Iraq – a lie which has brought blood and shame upon all who were in the thrall of pro-Zionist foreign policies – the world will perhaps be ready for realizing that the instrument of Holocaustianity is set to play off the nations upon a fabricated collision course.

In sum: “This story shall the good man teach his son…” as do the prophets Christ and Mohammed who warned their followers of the perils of Judaism’s “Election”.

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