What is wrong with the western political class?


There are several reasons why the non-western world is increasingly severing ties with the West. One of them can be described as the “breakdown of diplomacy” in the West, which more accurately refers to the almost total abandonment of diplomacy by western leaders and diplomats. Incidentally, this didn’t start with the war in Ukraine, but about a year earlier. Something happened right after the election of Joe Biden which seems to have switched the western diplomatic gene off, so to speak, and switched on the threat gene instead. Not that there was much diplomacy before, but things can always get worse – and they have.

A breakdown of diplomacy doesn’t quite describe how bad things have become. The behavior of US and European leaders has become increasingly unhinged and any semblance of rationality has been abandoned. It is impossible to listen to western leaders without coming to the conclusion that something is very wrong. Firstly, they seem to have created an upside-down fantasy world where Freudian projection rules and opponents are demonized. Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are both Satan himself, Russia is still losing, and the West is still almighty – as well as the pinnacle of justice, freedom, democracy and culture. Secondly, they can’t seem to be able to open their mouths in public without insulting the non-western world. Joe Biden, Annalena Baerbock, Ursula von der Leyen, Josep Borrell and Emmanuel Macron have barely been seen in public for months without insulting someone. Borrel’s comment about Europe being the garden and the rest of the world a jungle is the pinnacle of this – because we all know what jungles are associated with.

The pressure is getting to the western political elites and they can’t keep a lid on their emotions and real opinions. They can no longer hide their hatred for anyone who resists them, or their contempt for them. Their doublethink, double standards, and extreme sense of entitlement, which justifies any action from them while condemning it from their opponents, is out in the open for all to see. All this, as well as their complete absence of competence and their total abandonment of reality, is very symptomatic for a certain type of people. That is not a coincidence as we shall see.

Cultivating the gardeners

It is not a secret that the western political class undergoes a selection process before being set loose on their populations. Various programs have been set up to recruit and indoctrinate promising young (and not so young) people for leadership positions in government and business. Some of these programs are shady and operate on a personal level while others have a “probing function” and are out in the open – such as the WEF’s “young global leaders” program. A significant number of high-level people are involved in this recruitment drive, including SPECTRE agents Klaus Schwab and George Soros. A recent success is Nikol Pashinyan who has been reconfigured as a suicide drone and aimed at the Armenian people.

After selection and ideological enhancement, these leaders are assisted in infiltrating governments and organizations around the world – as Klaus Schwab has bragged about publicly. Should they succeed, they are protected and assisted at every turn, and then provided with a well-paid job at some international organization as a reward for their service and loyalty. The assistance and protection is usually carried out by government or supranational organizations, including EU organizations, and various intelligence services, which have an enforcement role. Step out of line and there will be a scandal. If you are a leader of a country, there will be regime change. This process is both intended to ensure loyalty of the recruited and to keep the others in line.

This enforcement process has been so effective that is has managed to cow almost the entire political elite in the West, particularly those who were not recruited. Everybody walks on eggshells and nobody dares challenge the policies of the SPECTRE appointees, or there will be consequences. The SPECTRE-controlled media will be set loose on you and you might even get replaced. There have been a number of regime changes in the West in recent years which were a part of this enforcement process, for example in Greece, Italy, Austria, and even in Iceland of all places – and perhaps even in the US. Few in power dare say anything, even if the local SPECTRE appointees are destroying their own country. It is that effective.

Any recruitment specialist will tell you that you must find the right person for any job. Personality must fit the job in question and therefore an effective selection process is necessary. Training may also be necessary – to ensure proper methods, motivation, and such. Our western political elites go through this process like any other job applicants. They are selected based on the task they are assigned to complete, and they receive training which, shall we say, affects their ego a little bit. These selection and training processes, as well as the task set before them, explain why western leaders are the way they are – and why they all behave the same way like they were made in a factory.

The task

Describing the task the western political elite have been assigned would be a lengthy process – too lengthy for this article. However, it is not exactly a secret since it has been discussed publicly many times by high-ranking SPECTRE members, such as Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari – who are SPECTRE’s chief ideologists – modern Alfred Rosenbergs of sorts. Listen to them speak and you will understand.

If we were to describe the task in simple terms, it could be likened to the forcible brainwashing of an individual in order to completely reshape him. This is done by destroying the “old” person completely, and then rebuilding and reshaping the shattered remains into whatever you want. The method used is called “fracturing of self,” where the person’s self-identity and will is destroyed through extreme pressure and abuse, until he becomes completely dependent on his abuser. Then the reshaping can begin.

This exact process is being carried out on western societies now. It involves complete deconstruction and reconfiguring of every aspect of society, including the people. From those shattered remains, a utopian technogulag can be shaped, where individuals exist only as a part of a perennial garden managed by SPECTRE gardeners – or as a part of a literal machine.

This is the task our political elite has been assigned. It is essentially demolition work. It is brutal and bloody – and it requires a certain type of people.

The right persons for the job

You can’t just hire anyone for a cultural and literal genocide and there aren’t really many options. You could seek out psychopaths but you might have loyalty problems with them, and strangely, some of them actually have principles. What you need is a person who likes, or even needs to force his will upon others and interfere with their lives. You need a person who has unwavering zeal for the cause and is incapable of backing down. You need a person who can rationalize any actions while not being affected by them. You need a person who can be brainwashed and controlled like a trained monkey. You need a person who can destroy his own home without realizing what he is doing. You need a narcissist.

Considering what the task is, there is no other option. No one else can be trusted to carry out the necessary work. This explains why so many of our political elites are so similar. They not only have similar personalities, but they also employ similar rationalizations and behaviors. Narcissists are very standardized people. But what are narcissists and why are they ideal for the demolition work on western societies?

A narcissist is a person with self-awareness so low that he can’t develop a self-identity without the help of others – and who has been told that he is better and/or smarter than others. On top of that, he has high emotional neediness and dependence on others. He develops a model of self which is inflated, unrealistic, and in constant conflict with reality. He needs to control the environment, including others, to keep that model intact. Successful control brings an emotional rush while a challenge can result in an emotional crash.

The narcissist can and must be able to rationalize any behavior, because otherwise he would be a bad person because of the things he does to others. The constant rationalizations breed contempt for others while challenges breed hatred.

Because the narcissist’s self is based on a lie to begin with, any system of belief can be fed to him, as long as it feeds the lie. Any belief which will tell the narcissist that he is better and smarter than others will be accepted. All “current things” in western society, including climate change, social justice, affirmative action, LGBT rights, Ukraine, and clean energy, are carefully constructed belief systems developed to brainwash narcissists into doing certain things. These certain things always involve the destruction of something. Our hand-picked political elites are the targets of this brainwashing – along with the part of the population with sufficiently narcissistic models of self to be easily brainwashed – which could be as much as a third of western populations these days.

When the narcissist has been brainwashed with these belief systems, these systems will have become internalized. They have become a part of the self and must be advanced and defended. For this any action and lie can be justified. Any challenge will be personal and must be crushed. Abandonment of the beliefs cannot be allowed because it would damage the self, resulting in emotional turmoil and anxiety. The narcissist therefore cannot back down once committed. He has no reverse gear.

The brainwashing process

The selection process of our political elites involves identifying people like this, and then developing them further. Forums with widespread invitations, including the WEF forum and various youth forums, are essentially scouting operations. Good candidates are selected and developed further in other meetings and on a personal level. Conventions, such as the UN climate change conventions, are then used for maintaining the brainwashing, for introducing new programming, and as social mutual-affirmation events.

The development, i.e. the brainwashing of the candidates, has two main elements: elevation of self and structured belief systems.

Elevation of self

The essence of narcissism is the elevated perception of self. The narcissist is better and/or smarter than others. The more elevated the self, the greater the need for control of the environment and the greater the rationalizations. This increases the ability to justify ever greater misdeeds toward others, up to and including genocide in extreme cases.

An important part of the development of the candidates for our political elite is the amplification of the perception of self. The candidate is pampered and given a lot of attention. He is told how important he is and how smart he is. He is told how important his task is and how the little people can’t ever understand. He is made to feel exceptional.

If this process is successful, the candidate’s narcissistic “level” can be tuned up to such a degree that he can be convinced that he needs to destroy his own culture or nation – while still believing he is a good person. Some can be moved so high up that they will almost start to believe they are gods, and will use extreme methods for the emotional reinforcement of the self, including systematic physical abuse – even of children. A relatively high “tuning” of self is necessary for the task our political elites have been assigned.

Structured belief systems

While the elevation process magnifies the narcissism, the structured belief systems are designed to point the narcissist in the right direction. They are basically “brainwashing packages” which are designed to fit the narcissist’s inflated self – and feed it. Many political ideologies work exactly like this – and some are almost wholly emotion-based for increased effect.

The belief systems used for our candidates are more limited although they share a common purpose. They contain a brainwashing element which makes the candidate feel special and enables him to show his virtue to others. They also contain specific instructions on how to react to the element, which is usually a made-up threat, and what to destroy to eliminate that threat.

An example of this could be CO2. The narcissist it made to believe it is a threat and that the Earth must be saved from it. This belief turns him into a crusader for good with special understanding that lesser people don’t have – which then receives reinforcement from other narcissists. The programmed response is to shut down energy production and ban cars. Methane is also a threat, so cows must be banned. LGBT people are being persecuted, so free speech must be banned. Russia is a threat, so Russians must be persecuted and killed, and Russia broken up. Because destruction is a solution to a dire problem, destruction becomes a virtue for the narcissist. The more destruction, the more the self is reinforced and elevated – and the more powerful the narcissist feels.

These two processes essentially program our political elites like robots. The program manipulates and elevates the perception of self, specifies a threat, and then instructs what to destroy. Some of our elites most likely understand what is actually going on, although they will never admit they have been brainwashed and manipulated. They see the big picture and look at the destruction of western societies as necessary for the glorious future they imagine. It is an understanding the more evolved narcissists can rationalize around. A large part, however, believes they are just solving problems.

Still, regardless of how much they understand, they have all been manipulated away from basic humanity, and programmed like suicide drones. Our political elites are the highest form of useful idiots.

Why the low competence?

One of the most common questions people have been asking recently is why our political elites are so incompetent. Since the Ukraine war started they have completely lost control of everything. They misjudged Russia, they botched the sanctions and the war, they are losing control of the western economies, and they are losing control of the non-western world due to the destruction of the “international system.” They fail at everything they do – absolutely everything. Why is this?

The incompetence is a result of the recruitment parameters. They were recruited to destroy, not to build or solve problems. It takes no skill to point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. It takes a lot of skill to extract the bullet and repair the damage. Our political elites were hired to shoot the gun. In their demolition task, competence isn’t necessary at all. It takes little skill to destroy even complicated systems. They just pass laws and regulations and others will take care of the rest.

The demolition of western societies and economies is organized in a piecemeal fashion. They are being destroyed gradually, slice by slice, because doing it rapidly would spook the populations. Any farmer knows that spooked livestock can be dangerous, and our political elites understand this. Now, however, they have run into a major problem.

The Ukraine war and the loss of control over the non-western world have caused economic chaos in the West – which will be followed by social chaos. This is bringing the whole house of cards down far too fast and they fear they might lose control. They need to react and solve those problems – but they don’t know how – because they are incompetent. All these challenges and failures are causing their models of self to be challenged, which has serious emotional consequences for them – so they escalate on every level. They shout at people, insult people, make up delusional explanations, and then retreat into absolute denial. Everybody can see this – including the leaders of the non-western world. Nobody wants to talk to our political elites these days, because a narcissist who is losing control is not pleasant to be around.

So, what exactly is behind their incompetence? There are two main reasons. Firstly, it is their low self-awareness. People with low self-awareness cannot evaluate their own thought processes properly and they, therefore, cannot evaluate if they are doing a good job or not. When it comes to complicated or creative work, a low self-awareness person sees little difference between utter nonsense and something of substance. High self-awareness is an absolute prerequisite for that kind of work. Secondly, it is their emotional neediness and high emotional “salience.” Narcissists are emotional creatures, and overwhelming emotions and emotion-based motivations simply block the brain’s ability to think logically.

All our carefully selected political elites are incompetent in exactly the same way, for exactly the same reasons. Their only competence is the ability to destroy our economies, our culture, our societies, our health, and our freedom.

Author: Gaius Baltar

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